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The Blues

Been feeling them lately, trying to force them out.   Been walking at lunch, it helps some.  The second year of my Teacher Training started a couple weekends ago.  That will help too.  D and I will start teaching a yoga class 2 times a month at my house for “invited ” guests free.  It will give us practice and confidence.

I also went to the farmers market last Saturday, it helps to force myself to get out and do things that I know I like.  I need to make plans for things to do this weekend, so I don’t get into a funk.

Work sucks right now, we layer off 3 people, I am taking a pay cut and it looks like there will be more cuts and layoffs coming.

Thank God for dogs.

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6 Years Ago

I can hardly believe it’s been six years since we lost Natalie.

Though she only was with us for 21 short years, Natalie experienced a lifetime of fun and experiences.  She lived in Lake Tahoe and learned to ski, she made several trips to the east coast to visit family, Natalie spent 4 weeks in Costa Rica living participating in a program to build a school in a small village.  Natalie, went away to college at Cal State Monterey Bay , she fell in love, and lived independently after her transplant. She loved Pablo Neruda poetry, gummie bears, her dog Roscoe, and her favorite saying was “It’s all about the love”.

January 16, 1985 - February 1, 2006

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