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Well it has been over a month since I posted.  oops.  I really mean to get here more often, but for some reason I have been avoiding it. Writing here makes me feel better so I am not sure why it has ben so hard.

I took the day off today, as my vacation time is maxed out and I lose it. I got up early and walked with Daisy. The weather has been too ht for me to walk any other time, and the evenings don’t cool down enough until after 8 and thats a bit late as there is dinner etc to deal with and I am winding down about then.

Work has been awful. I had to lay off B, and that was just beyond stressful.  For her, but also for me.  I guess thats what happens when you are BFF’s with someone who works for you.

I still have not had any contact with C. I am considering sending another e-mail.  Just to tell her I am thinking about her and ask how she is.


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