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40 Days

It’s been a while. I have been terribly busy, I suppose that I could have made time to blog. But lately it doesn’t seem like its been a priority.

On Sept 27 I decided to do a 40 day sadhana. In yoga they say it takes 40 days to create or change a habit.  I desperately needed to develop a relationship with my personal practice, I am almost done with a 500 hour yoga therapy course and have yet to actually have a good relationship with my practice. In yoga they also say you need a relationship with your teacher and your practice and yourself. In any case on November 6 I did what I set out to do. Yoga every single day.  Now my definition was either a practice at home or at a class, a meeting with my teachers, or teaching a class.

What I found was that after the 40th day I continued to either practice or walk on the days I didn’t do a yoga practice.  It worked.  So well that now I have decided to do another sadhana, adding on to my existing new practice.  I am journaling everything I put in my mouth. If I want to lose weight, I need to be conscience of what I am eating and drinking.  I started that on November 13, and will finish n December 23.

So continuing with a personal practice and exercise, and adding on the food component.  Abhyasa and Vairagya : effort and detachment. Adding something new, before taking away something.  Lets see if this works.

In other non yoga news, I think I will be taking off some time over the holidays.  Thanksgiving is already next week, and I really want to clean the house and clean out some closets before the Holiday.  I feel the need to purge.  Also get the front patio set up nicely with some potted plants now that I have the fence and some privacy!

I also need to paint that wall as the contractor had to use cement for the posts and it doesn’t  look quite right.  But it is wonderful that everyone who walks by cant look in the front windows. Also the dogs are so much quieter because they can’t see every dog in the morning and evening that is going for a walk!

I guess the best thing for me to do is to make a list of everything I want to do next week!  Oh and by the way I teach my first yoga class at a real studio tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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