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January 12

Thats the end of this 40 day journey. I realized I should not keep thinking about the end, but the process, what am I gaining from doing this. How am I becoming aware and present.  I am logging my food, regardless if it is good food or bad food.

In other news C finally got her own place. Her BF asked her to move out back in September. Its actually a good thing.  I just wish she would move closer to home, she is way out near Santa Monica/West LA.  For anyone who lives in the LA area, getting across town is hell with traffic.

I haven’t put up any Christmas decorations yet.  Soon.

buddah cat

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I was successful with my sadhana. However once it was over, I was not doing well. I gained back the 5 lbs I lost, and I am not “aware” of what I am doing.  The idea of just tracking food for 40 days didn’t cut it, I have to do a practice too. I need to do my yoga.  So my new sadhana will be do either do a practice, teach a practice or walk every day and track my food.  My goal is to get off my blood pressure medication.

So yesterday I started again, on December 3rd.  The 40 days will be finished on January 12, just a couple weeks before my birthday.  I want so bad to be on the right tract with my body and my mind as I start a new year, as I grow older. I miss doing what I used to do.  My goal will be to ski again! Its been about 6 years since I have gone downhill skiing.

I think also blogging here, on a regular basis as a check in will help me. Accountability.  I am not going to commit to everyday, but much more frequently.

Wish me luck.


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