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Justs a quick note.  One of my favorite bloggers, Old Grey Poet is back posting. It was good to see. It made me want to get back to my blog. BTW anyone who reads my blog is my favorite blogger:)

I have  decided to continue to teach 1 yoga class a week.  I think even though I feel a bit to busy, it will keep my teaching more refined than if I quit and decided to come back to teaching in say a couple years.  I will be taking a sutras course 1 sunday a month starting next weekend which I am looking forward to.  I need to get on the wagon and do another sadhana.

I was looking back on some of my posts and realized many of them are fixated on losing weight.  Which I am still trying to do, I lose 5 and gain 5. right now I am on the lose side and am hoping to stay there. I have a wedding in 4 weeks, and have to buy and wear a dress. I hate dresses.

Jake got into CSUN, thank God.  So he will be commuting starting in the fall.  I just hope he can finish in 1 year.

My lump/fat diagnosis was a huge relief.  Thanks for all of you who were checking in.  IMG_1802

A picture of the studio where I teach.




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It’s Fat

Thank you for checking in on me Christine and Kathy!!!  So sweet.  After 2 mammograms and 3 ultrasounds, the Surgeon and Radiologist decided the lump was a lipoma, basically fatty tissue.  I have never been so relieved.

I will update more soon.  Things are rolling along. Busy but manageable. Hugs to all.


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