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So my friend B found another dog. This one was hit by a car and ran off. She was able to catch her.  She was not hurt. A quick trip to the vet and yea a micro chip!!! Those of you who do rescue know how great this can be. But alas it was registered to Pasadena Humane and all the phone numbers associated with it were disconnected. The good news is she is spayed and was adopted in 2005 which makes her about 8. She is very sweet mellow, walks well on leash and is house trained, knows how to use a doggy door a total love bug and only 26 lb, probably some type of whippet terrier mix.  She just doesn’t get along with B’s big female and probably would prefer a household with small male or mellow male dogs.  

So I networked her and a rescue on the west side agreed to put her on their website, we will need to take her to adoption events, which is quite a schlepp. But as long as I am free I don’t mind, we were able to go have lunch with C.  

Work was very stressful this past week, when isn’t it?  I look forward to the possibility of retiring more and more.  I think 7 more years, can I make it? 

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Another Weekend

A busy weekend for me. Yesterday I taught the 11 class, did a couple errands and then went to a memorial for D’s wife.  A friend of hers had a little 10 year gathering with wine, cheese, photos and memories. About 20 of her friends and family came. A bit weird for me, but I was there for him. It went way later than I thought and I got home at almost 9:30.  Today a baby shower, I need to go pick up a card and wrap my present. Its out in Claremont, a 30 minute drive. I hope it is inside!  Last nights event was outside under a huge tree in a garden, the breeze kept it quite pleasant. But an afternoon outside, keep your fingers crossed, it is supposed to be in the upper 90’s.

I’m tired. I stayed in bed until 8:30 this morning. I should have popped up early and went for a walk. Not sure if its my age, menopause or just the heat and laziness.

Daisy will get a bath today, she has been licking her paws quite a bit and seems itchy.  We have been through so much with her allergies that at this point I am at a loss.  She will be more comfortable after the bath.

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Its the end of a nice long weekend, and I took another day to make it even longer!  So I won’t go back to the office until Tuesday. Yea for me.

I spent the day with C yesterday in Venice, had lunch and a really good, all be it pricey place. Then walked all around. The weather was pleasant with a wonderful breeze. We went back to her place and watched the horrific news on the plane crash a SFO for a bit before I headed back to the heat of the valley.

I read today at Kathy’s blog that another one of her friends has breast cancer. I remember when she was diagnosed in January of 2010. I had either just been to her blog, or she was at mine, and a few days or maybe weeks later I visited and holy shit your world is turned upside down.  I suppose I bring this up, because I have been moaning and complaining about things that are not cancer. I have to say I really have to be grateful I only need to lose 30 pounds and have a bad knee.  I don’t have Cancer.  I have fat. I had a scare. So I am grateful. Enough said.

Photo on 2011-01-23 at 15.45Well fat and a cute little chiwawa named Mouse 🙂


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Fourth of July

It seems the heat wave may have broken. Yesterday it was in the low 90’s and today maybe a few degrees less. After a week of 100+ I am ready.  I really dislike the heat of summer her is So Calif.  Thank God for air conditioning.  When I was in Tahoe the summers were warm but pleasant because it started to cool down the minute the sun started setting behind the mountains.

I have chicken marinating for later, a little BBQ. I will make beans too and corn on the cob and salad.  It will be yummy. I think D will bring over Lincoln to watch, we like to see it with closed captions so everyone gets the same experience.

I spent some time yesterday reading back to see if I ever wrote about the letter, “return to sender”. I guess I thought alot about it but never put in in words.  Well I am going to visit a friend later this month in No Calif.  We had a falling out over 4 years ago.  It seems as if it is time to mend fences.  I have known her 23 years. We will see how it goes.

Have a safe and happy day and Happy Birthday USA!


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Hey Peggy

I remember Maggie. I remember Maggie and Natalie together. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad Jake got lungs.  I hope Maggie is doing well, I can hardly believe they are 28 this year.  Time goes by so fast.



This is Daisy, many of you know her. She is the dog that Natalie made me promise to rescue before she died. We saved each other.

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