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Busy Year

So far this past month has been extremely busy. I don’t even know where the time has gone.  I usually get a little downtime at the office, not so far this year.  This past month I turned 54.  J thought it would be more fun to turn 35 again, I don’t think he connected the dots. I was 35 when his mom, my sister, died and he and his sisters came to live with me.


We went to see “The Eagles” in concert 1/24 the day after my birthday, all in all it was a great birthday weekend. On Saturday everyone, got together and we went to have pasta. It was the nicest birthday in a long time because C was acting decent and kind.  She even brought me flowers and a cake.

Today it is 8 years since Natalie died.  I almost didn’t remember until I started writing this post.  For some reason I can’t link back to that post;

Though she only was with us for 21 short years, Natalie experienced a lifetime of fun and experiences. She lived in Lake Tahoe and learned to ski, she made several trips to the east coast to visit family, Natalie spent 4 weeks in Costa Rica living participating in a program to build a school in a small village. Natalie, went away to college at Cal State Monterey Bay , she fell in love, and lived independently after her transplant. She loved Pablo Neruda poetry, gummie bears, her dog Roscoe, and her favorite saying was “It’s all about the love”.

February 1, 2006

Natalie Catrine 
January 16 1985 – February 1, 2006

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