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November is one of my favorite months.  The weather starts to finally change a bit,  it gets dark earlier, and it cools down at night even if the days are warm.  I tend to have more energy for projects, and usually pick up my knitting to make a couple beanies or a scarf.

The last few months have had their normal ups and downs.  Daisy had some health issues and finally had surgery a few weeks ago to remove a hemangiosarcoma and broken tooth.  Totally unrelated.  She has healed well, the got good margins on the tumor, but with this type of cancer metastasis is quite common.

Work has been the same ups and downs with the new boss, more downs than ups but I am trying to let them go and carry on.  Work becomes such a big part of our lives, its hard to just leave and not bring it all home with you.  At least right now he is picking on one of the other department heads instead of me, I have a feeling this may change.

The holidays will be here before you know it, and I want to be more ready an I have in the past. Also spend less money.

Kitchen in finally back to full use. I had a pipe leak that was repaired 6 months ago, part of the hardwood floors were removed because of damage.  Last week they finally finished the floors and put the cabinet back.  That is a relief.  It just all the bills pile up at once.  I also had to have my big oak tree that is slowing dying trimmed.  Another big bill.  Its ok. I am grateful that I have a kitchen to cook in and a tree to shade my house, and a house to live in.  So no complaints, just observations.

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