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I realize I have been blogging a long time.  Many of us have, and many of us have let our blogs go, so to speak. Not posting frequently, or at all.  Many of us have turned to Social Media I think, instead.  But its not the same as actually writing a blog post.  Chronicling the day, the week, our life.

I used to read a blog called Old Grey Poet almost every day,  John Bailey wrote daily, his blog turned into Journal of a Writing Man and now I see he hasn’t updated for 2 years.  I am hoping he is still with us, he is still living in England.  I love the simplicity of his daily routine, his stories of Graham fixing up yet another house.  Does anyone know of him and if he is still with us?

Sometimes I look back on my blog to remember what happened, sort out details, hoping I can find them in my words.  Most times I can’t.

I am realizing I have not written a post since Taos, and that is pretty sad.  I went to a writing retreat to get energized to write, but I am finding no energy where I am here in my place in time.  Its work, and stress, and lack of motivation that stems from all of that.  I almost feel like in order to write I have to remove myself from the day-to-day and escape.

Today is hot, hoping the last day of what has been one of the hottest weeks this summer.  I melt in the heat, and have been hiding out in the air conditioning, lazy even inside.  It was a long week last week, a Council meeting that ended at 10:30 making for a 15+ hour day at work.  The weather is supposed to cool this week into the 80’s. Maybe this will be the end of the heat.

Daisy turned 10 on the 9th, and in a couple weeks another summer will have ended. I need to keep my story going.



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Week 3

Well today I start week 3 of WW. So far so good.  I hope this is sustainable, as I am hungry alot.  I have to admit I truly believe that my weight gain is a direct result of the new foodie meets technology trend.  Some of my favorite blogs to read are food blogs, and I lurk all the time.  I even wrote one for a while.  That was the start of the problem,  10 pounds.  Not only do I have to stick to my diet, but I have to lay off the food blogs too.  I have a whole category on my favorites called food.  Eating out has become one of my favorite things to do, I think I need to find another favorite thing.

I have been really good about logging everything I am eating.  I think that is helping.

I am treating myself to a weekend away in the Desert. Gonna spend a couple nights here at a yoga retreat.  I am looking forward to the relaxation, and getting away, which I hardly ever do. J will hold the fort down and take care of the animals for me.

It’s a typical Monday.


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Old News

Just in case you hadn’t noticed I have converted over some of my old My-Meadow blog. So now I have archives back into 2004, with 3 more years to convert. I began blogging in October of 2001. I abandoned My-Meadow when I was going through my divorce, as I was sure my now ex-husband had been to the site. I didn’t want him to know anything about what I was doing or thinking. 

During the divorce I had a blog over at blackandwhiteandread, and once my divorce was final (May 2007) and I became settled, I decided I needed a permanent home, thus canyon cottage, becuase that is where I live. In a canyon cottage.

The only problem is I am not bringing over many of the photos that were linked in the old posts, so I thought I would just repost some of them in my current posts.  I am going to try and finish the conversion this weekend, it goes fairly quickly once I am on a roll, and i put up one month per post. 

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Well last night I had to attend a City Council meeting.  Those of you who have been around for a long time know I work for a city and in my capacity have to attend night meetings quite often.  In any case I did not get home until after 11:30, which translates to about 5 hours or less of sleep.

So today I am tired.  You know I can’t focus on real work, if I think to hard my eyes will pop out, I’m grouchy leave me alone tired.  So in between doing a few catch up items, otherwise defined as not real work, I was reading a bunch of blogs.  Ok, so what?

Thanks to all the links at kitchen logic, I have found several new reads.  You can now find them on my blog roll.  So I suppose I did accomplish something.  I made some new friends, sorta.

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Flying Solo

Yesterday I was home, day off, cleaning lady was coming and I didn’t want to be here while she worked. So I decided to do something I never do, I went out to breakfast by myself. I went to a little place in town and sat outside, it was early so the air was still cool, brought my LA times, and settled in. There were a few other solo breakfast waters at tables, mostly guys. I ordered 2 poached eggs and bacon, decaf coffee. It wasn’ so bad, I enjoyed the cool air the food was fine, and had 3 cups of java before I realized I still had several more hours to kill.

I decided to get my car washed, by then it was about 10:30 and the mall was open so that was my next stop. Daringly I went right to the Theatre-plex and decided a movie would be fun. I had wanted to see Ratatouille, and it was starting in 5 minutes perfect,well almost. Until SOLD OUT began flashing instead of the showtime, and several screaming children behind me were very disappointed. Ah, a sign, I need to see something rated R. No kids, quiet theatre. Knocked Up was starting so I got my ticket and hurried into the quiet theatre with no more that 10 adults. The movie was light, funny, and what I needed, no serious stuff. Afterwards I hit Nordstroms for a couple T’s and went home to a clean house.

I’t felt good to at last not be afraid to be alone and do things alone. I have never been to a movie or eaten alone, excpet when I have traveled on business. Even then I get room service 99% of the time.

If you have not read my Food Blog, you need to get your fannies over there and start. I am hoping to have a byline on this site soon. The approached me:

…I would like to suggest is that we collaborate on the reposting of your reviews about Pasadena restaurants. We are very tightly focused, geographically, and cannot carry articles on restaurants OUTSIDE Pasadena. But those that are in Pasadena we’d love to cover, running your byline and link to your blog. Does this interest you?

Hell ya!

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Burning the candle at both ends

I am posting at 3 sites, not including my-meadow, my real home. They are:
Daisy the dog.
Rants and Raves and Reviews

And this one. Black and White and Read all over.

Maybe I am over doing it, I suppose I am just trying to keep busy. DUH!

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