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This is my windowsill in the kitchen above the sink.  Just thought I would share.  I wanted to wish everyone who still reads this blog a Happy New Year, one of my resolutions is to post more both words and photos.

Last night was quiet, I made a pretty darn good roast chicken for dinner.  D was over and I fell asleep about 10 after a bit too much champagne and wine. I watched the parade on TV this morning in bed, while I drank coffee. TOday I am going to take down all the Christmas stuff.  Thats the goal.

2013 was a year of clarity for me.  I finally came to a huge ah ha moment with my Yoga teaching, and said what I needed to say to K|Y after teaching for her for free for almost a year.  I felt a huge sense of freedom once that relationship ended.  I was being used so much, and I knew it but did nothing.  Finally in October I said what I needed to say, a huge weight was lifted.  Also after C and all her lies, I finally have let that go.  Its her problems, and I no longer have any expectations of her.  She is turning into the kind of person I really don’t like.

When the Doc said I needed a new knee, that was also anther ah ha moment.  I needed to get into shape and lose weight.  So I start the year 10 pounds lighter, with 30 more to go, and my knee is feeling great thanks to a regular Pilates reformer class, and more walking.  I still attend group yoga classes occasionally.

In 2014 I want to:

  • Connect more with Nature
  • Write more
  • Be more creative
  • Get my garden/yard in order
  • Spend less
  • Travel more
  • Find great hikes, and do them!
  • Lose that other 30 pounds


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Almost Christmas

I picked up Jacob today at the airport. He arrived with a backpack of dirty clothes, claiming he forgot all the presents (gift cards) he got, and exhausted from staying up all night. He has this “problem”. For some reason the night before he comes home he doesn’t sleep. At first I thought it was because he was afraid he would not wake up and miss the shuttle, and he confessed originally that was the reason. But now he wakes up for classes, the alarm actually works, so waking up really shouldn’t be a problem. But I think it might be anyway. As for the gifts, I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me. Just having him home safe for the holidays is gift enough. He promptly went out with all his buddies for Ramen. LOL!

I am making meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes and roasted carrots for dinner, I thought Jake might be home, so I wanted him to have some comfort food. I guess D will come over and help me eat it, and Jake will eat leftovers late if he can stay awake!!

I have not started wrapping gifts . I thank God for whomever invented the gift bag. Throw the gift in the bag, add tissue an viola! Its wrapped, no tape no scissors, nada. The only thing is this year I have several presents too big for bags. A Wii, a microwave, and a large box with a fancy pan with a lid. The rest should fit into bags. Hopefully I have enough bags or I will have to resort to wrapping.

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I am feeling extremely grouchy the last couple days. I have also had some pretty awful nightmares. Not sure if it’s the holidays, p.m.s., or just life. This year I decided to do nothing for the people at work. I exchange with 2 people here, have for years, so only did that. I used to take my whole staff out for lunch on my dime somewhere nice. But this year I just said forget it, it just seems like a lot of effort that not everyone appreciates. So Bah Humbug.

I think talking to my ex-husband on Monday night probably didn’t help my mood either. He is so nonchalant. Like nothing ever happened. Before he said good-bye he said well I guess I will see you on Sunday when I pick up Jake. Yea right in your dreams! It tortures me to see him, to talk to him. I didn’t want to be divorced; I don’t suppose he gets that. He might move to Hong Kong for a couple years for work, I say please go, the farther the better, less chance of ever having to run into you or talk.

I did finish my Christmas cards. I can’t believe I actually got through that exercise. So everything is done, one gift to buy menus to plan and shop for Christmas Eve and day, then all the gifts to wrap.

I have been giving Daisy her allergy shots very 4 days. It seems like they might be working. She is not licking her paws as much. I hope so, as she really seemed miserable for awhile there.

I am trying to keep up with this site a little more. I think it helps to keep me grounded.

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A Noble Tree

Well although the cold turned into a cough I managed to get a tree and “almost” finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. Friday I left the house early to hit the Mall. By the time I left at noon, there was no parking to be found.

I was lucky. I went home with some Udon soup from Whole Foods, and took a nap.

Saturday Candice came over and we went ot buy a tree. All trees and tree stands were sold out at our first stop, out second stop priced the trees as you asked, slimey as far as I was concerned. So we scored a Noble Fir at the third place. I wasn’t going to buy a noble, but this one called out to both of us. It was the tree. the first tree in the new house.

Here it is. Oh, and Sprocket too.

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A cold

Well I have come down with an awful cold. It was the worst on Wednesday and I stayed home from work and in bed. Today I have a lingering cough, that is requiring cough syrup. I took some at 4:30 am this morning so I could get back to sleep, and when it wore off I went and finished up all my, actually most of my, shopping. I still have to find a couple more things for D.

I am back at home now hacking away and took some more magic syrup. I am thinking if I don’t fall asleep I will try and get to work on my Christmas cards.

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Notice the little face in the window? I took a photo of the front of the house with a wreath on it to put in my Christmas letter, and noticed that Roscoe wanted to be part of it.

Today I drug out all the Christmas boxes. I am having a hard time finding my Christmas dishes. I have a set of plates and a couple serving platters that are snowflakes I like to use during the season. I packed them during the move, and now I can’t find them. I am bummmed cuz I have table cloths to match, and candle holders too. Maybe it was not meant to be. I bought them specifically because they were not to Christmasy, they were blue and white, the ex was Jewish, so it was nice not too have Santa’s and stuff. Gee. I hope I can find them.

Got a bunch of shopping done too. Have a couple more on-line purchases and then a few things to pick up and then I have to shop for D and I will be done. He is very hard to buy for, he doesn’t want anything, doesn’t need anything.

So I am going to go work on my Christmas letter and hope I don’t get to depressed writing. it.

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Merry Christmas

To all and to all a good night!

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Not sure why I am suddenly getting chatty. Maybe its the time of year, maybe its cuz I am lonely. I realized a person can feel lonely even when they are surrounded by people. What a notion. It is five days until Christmas. I need to wrap presents, grocery shop for meals that I will be serving, and get a tree. Yep, still have not got a tree. Will do that tomorrw, maybe.

I had this idea that I would throw out all the old ornaments, old memories, and buy all new stuff. I changed my mind. I will carefully go through all the ornaments, any that do not have “good” memories, or are not extra special to me will go in the trash. I want some new traditions and new memories. Better yet maybe this year I won’t even open the Christmas boxes, I will just put lights on the tree and be done with it! Leave the ornament thing for next year when I am not as inclined to throw things away!

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Been thinking a lot about life, death, holiday time and what it all means if anything. This has been a difficult time for me. What isn’t (whine). I was grouchy for about 2 weeks, and now I am just working through it all.

I started listening to Christmas carols on the all carols all the time radio station on the way to pick up Jacob from the airport Friday; have not changed the station since. Made dinner for the gang Friday night, it was nice to have everyone together. Saturday night D and I went to dinner. The restaurant was all decked out for the holidays, we had fun. I even finished all my shopping!!!

Sunday I made a wreath and hung the stockings, yesterday I finished my Christmas newsletter which gets included with the cards I am supposed to be sending; haven’t done that yet. The only reason I even wrote a newsletter this year was because I have been getting cards from people I only hear from once a year. They didn’t know Nat died or Asshole left me! They will be in for a big surprise!

Today I took my staff out for lunch; I do this every year for Christmas. They pick the place, I pick up the tab. Tonight I go to the brats Christmas program, since he is in Choir at school. It should be fun. Get to hear teenagers sign Christmas carols. At least the can’t be snarky while they are singing.

I am taking time off from work through out the holidays, and am looking forward to having some fun. Maybe seeing a few movies, cooking some yummy meals, looking for a place to live. Forgetting about what is sad, and creating a few new memories. I just hope D realizes just because he is taking a week of, we don’t have to spend it all with the kid. I really want some time with him, and no kid.

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