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altar daisy

It has almost been 2 years since I last posted here.  I never meant to be away so long.  Today I decided to do a short update, life has been sad.  I lost my heart, my sweet Daisy to hemangiosarcoma on June 12th.  She had her spleen removed in October of ’16, and they said maybe 3-6 months.  She made it almost 8.  I thought she would live forever. The house has changed without her here. So much quieter.  Roscoe is 16, almost 17 and Mouse is older too.  Life seems almost suspended.

We just made it through an 8 day heat wave of over 100 degree temperatures, I thought I was going to melt for sure.  Yesterday it was 92, I never thought I would be happy for 90 degree weather.  My electric bill is going to be epic.

Roscoe had a bout with Canine Vestibular Syndrome, I thought I was losing him too, but he seems to be bouncing back.  He is still not back to his old self, but at least he can now walk.

It seems a little pointless to recount the last two years in terms of catching up.  Life has been the same, with its ups and downs.  Perhaps a more frequent check in here is a good idea, after all this blog really is for me to document things so I can remember what happen. Anyone who joins me is welcome and along for the ride.


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Old Bloggers


I realize I have been blogging a long time.  Many of us have, and many of us have let our blogs go, so to speak. Not posting frequently, or at all.  Many of us have turned to Social Media I think, instead.  But its not the same as actually writing a blog post.  Chronicling the day, the week, our life.

I used to read a blog called Old Grey Poet almost every day,  John Bailey wrote daily, his blog turned into Journal of a Writing Man and now I see he hasn’t updated for 2 years.  I am hoping he is still with us, he is still living in England.  I love the simplicity of his daily routine, his stories of Graham fixing up yet another house.  Does anyone know of him and if he is still with us?

Sometimes I look back on my blog to remember what happened, sort out details, hoping I can find them in my words.  Most times I can’t.

I am realizing I have not written a post since Taos, and that is pretty sad.  I went to a writing retreat to get energized to write, but I am finding no energy where I am here in my place in time.  Its work, and stress, and lack of motivation that stems from all of that.  I almost feel like in order to write I have to remove myself from the day-to-day and escape.

Today is hot, hoping the last day of what has been one of the hottest weeks this summer.  I melt in the heat, and have been hiding out in the air conditioning, lazy even inside.  It was a long week last week, a Council meeting that ended at 10:30 making for a 15+ hour day at work.  The weather is supposed to cool this week into the 80’s. Maybe this will be the end of the heat.

Daisy turned 10 on the 9th, and in a couple weeks another summer will have ended. I need to keep my story going.


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I guess in this case it would be taking fingers to keyboard.  I am having a difficult time with this, but in a short 15 days I will be flying to Taos, New Mexico for a writing retreat.  But, I haven’t been writing.  When I look back on my blogs, my main writing outlet there is nothing.  Not for a long time.

I don’t know why.  I am trying as hard as I may to figure it out.  Is my brain not as creative as it once was? Am I to busy, have I just neglected that focus I used to have.  I think Social Media has spoiled it a bit for us bloggers. I have 5 blogs, many of them not updated or active for years.  Now with Social media you don’t have to wait for someone to update their blog to know whats going on, you just look their Facebook or Instagram, or twitter feed. It used to be that our blogs were our social media.

Ok now that I have something to blame it on maybe I can get past it and blog more.

Its the 4th of July.  I am staying inside cool and going to BBQ later.  Its not one of the holidays I enjoy.  I appreciate the reason, but the fireworks are awful. The animals are frightened and the fire danger is high.  After 4 years of drought I think that they should have been banned throughout the state of California.

But where ever you are and however you celebrate be safe and remember to be kind to those who do not enjoy the BOOMS!

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IMG_3178 2

This is my windowsill in the kitchen above the sink.  Just thought I would share.  I wanted to wish everyone who still reads this blog a Happy New Year, one of my resolutions is to post more both words and photos.

Last night was quiet, I made a pretty darn good roast chicken for dinner.  D was over and I fell asleep about 10 after a bit too much champagne and wine. I watched the parade on TV this morning in bed, while I drank coffee. TOday I am going to take down all the Christmas stuff.  Thats the goal.

2013 was a year of clarity for me.  I finally came to a huge ah ha moment with my Yoga teaching, and said what I needed to say to K|Y after teaching for her for free for almost a year.  I felt a huge sense of freedom once that relationship ended.  I was being used so much, and I knew it but did nothing.  Finally in October I said what I needed to say, a huge weight was lifted.  Also after C and all her lies, I finally have let that go.  Its her problems, and I no longer have any expectations of her.  She is turning into the kind of person I really don’t like.

When the Doc said I needed a new knee, that was also anther ah ha moment.  I needed to get into shape and lose weight.  So I start the year 10 pounds lighter, with 30 more to go, and my knee is feeling great thanks to a regular Pilates reformer class, and more walking.  I still attend group yoga classes occasionally.

In 2014 I want to:

  • Connect more with Nature
  • Write more
  • Be more creative
  • Get my garden/yard in order
  • Spend less
  • Travel more
  • Find great hikes, and do them!
  • Lose that other 30 pounds


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Well the weather here is really not very “Fall” like lately.  The highs this week are supposed to hit 90.  At least it is cooling down at night.  I have been trying to get motivated, in many ways.  Today I wired on the office, throwing away, putting away, and loading CD music not my iTunes account so I can just store all the CD’s away too.  Soon we will buy all our music on-line and not have to buy CD’s.

The poppies are from a trip a couple years ago to Ojai.  It was a nice place we stayed at and should go back sometime.

Roscoe had a big surgery on last wednesday, he had 12 bladderstones removed.  He came home on Friday afternoon, and is finally acting like himself today.  I have been sticking close to home to keep an eye on him.  He will not be happy tomorrow when I head out to work and put a cone on his head!

I started a diet, today is day 12. I am doing better than I have in the past and it is giving me some motivation to get things done. To get the house in order, my office, I want a space to write. A space to create.  I need at least another weekend to make it happen. Hopefully before Thanksgiving.




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40 Days

It’s been a while. I have been terribly busy, I suppose that I could have made time to blog. But lately it doesn’t seem like its been a priority.

On Sept 27 I decided to do a 40 day sadhana. In yoga they say it takes 40 days to create or change a habit.  I desperately needed to develop a relationship with my personal practice, I am almost done with a 500 hour yoga therapy course and have yet to actually have a good relationship with my practice. In yoga they also say you need a relationship with your teacher and your practice and yourself. In any case on November 6 I did what I set out to do. Yoga every single day.  Now my definition was either a practice at home or at a class, a meeting with my teachers, or teaching a class.

What I found was that after the 40th day I continued to either practice or walk on the days I didn’t do a yoga practice.  It worked.  So well that now I have decided to do another sadhana, adding on to my existing new practice.  I am journaling everything I put in my mouth. If I want to lose weight, I need to be conscience of what I am eating and drinking.  I started that on November 13, and will finish n December 23.

So continuing with a personal practice and exercise, and adding on the food component.  Abhyasa and Vairagya : effort and detachment. Adding something new, before taking away something.  Lets see if this works.

In other non yoga news, I think I will be taking off some time over the holidays.  Thanksgiving is already next week, and I really want to clean the house and clean out some closets before the Holiday.  I feel the need to purge.  Also get the front patio set up nicely with some potted plants now that I have the fence and some privacy!

I also need to paint that wall as the contractor had to use cement for the posts and it doesn’t  look quite right.  But it is wonderful that everyone who walks by cant look in the front windows. Also the dogs are so much quieter because they can’t see every dog in the morning and evening that is going for a walk!

I guess the best thing for me to do is to make a list of everything I want to do next week!  Oh and by the way I teach my first yoga class at a real studio tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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Planted a Garden

Since last years container gardening trial was a complete failure I took a plot at a local community garden, and wohoo! Look what I have been picking!

Garden explosion!

I have been picking zuchini, cucumbers, green pepper, and eggplants all summer the tomatoes just started to get good in the last couple weeks.

This mornings tomato harvest!

I also have been reading, knitting, taking my Yoga Teacher Training. Daisy has had some severe health issues including tail amputation and cancer, so its been stressful and expensive. I missed you all.  Hope to be here a lot more often, now that this 4 month long silence has been broken.  I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging this October.  maybe I should do something special.

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