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I guess in this case it would be taking fingers to keyboard.  I am having a difficult time with this, but in a short 15 days I will be flying to Taos, New Mexico for a writing retreat.  But, I haven’t been writing.  When I look back on my blogs, my main writing outlet there is nothing.  Not for a long time.

I don’t know why.  I am trying as hard as I may to figure it out.  Is my brain not as creative as it once was? Am I to busy, have I just neglected that focus I used to have.  I think Social Media has spoiled it a bit for us bloggers. I have 5 blogs, many of them not updated or active for years.  Now with Social media you don’t have to wait for someone to update their blog to know whats going on, you just look their Facebook or Instagram, or twitter feed. It used to be that our blogs were our social media.

Ok now that I have something to blame it on maybe I can get past it and blog more.

Its the 4th of July.  I am staying inside cool and going to BBQ later.  Its not one of the holidays I enjoy.  I appreciate the reason, but the fireworks are awful. The animals are frightened and the fire danger is high.  After 4 years of drought I think that they should have been banned throughout the state of California.

But where ever you are and however you celebrate be safe and remember to be kind to those who do not enjoy the BOOMS!


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Long Weekend

Well its the middle of a long weekend. It started with quite a severe rain, thunder, hail storm on Thursday afternoon. It was severe enough to cause the mud to slide on the hills where the fire swept though and to evacuate several homes. Fortunatley there was no structural damage but yards and pools and jacuszzis are now full of mud.  Roads were even closed for a while as they did clean up.  It rained Friday and has been partly cloudy since.  My home is safe.

Friday as I was driving back from Sprockets acupunture appointment in the pouring rain my “check engine” light came on!  I got a bit panicked as the last thing I need right now is a big expense to fix the car.  I was able to get it in on Saturday, and it was the catalytic converter.  Fortunately it was covered under warranty, which I didn’t understand since the car is 5 years old with 61,000 miles on it.  But I didn’t questions it at all, and paid the $110 for the minor service and hapily went home.

I finally got a hold of Jake yesterday, and guess what he is flying home today.  Good thing we spoke, since I need to pick him up from the airport, as I was thinking, since the car is in good shape, about taking a little Sunday drive somewhere for a bit of an adventure.  So now my Sunday Drive is the Burbank airport.  So the teenager is home for the summer. Hopefully this summer he will find a job. 

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View from Town

I did not take this picture, in fact I do not know who did, so I can’t give credit.  It was sent to me. Since I was at my house, hunkered down I did not see this perspective until I evacuated.  This was late Sunday night.

I live way up in the canyon, so I was looking up at a wall of flames, not the whole skyline.


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Well last night I thought the Canyon Cottage was no more.   On Saturday a mandoatory evacuation of my home was in place. I and a few of my neighbors elected to stay, hoping that the fire would not get worse.  Yesterday afternoon it was looking good, however by 12:00 midnight it was clear we were in eminent danger and left. 

The picture is from Saturday night, looking at the hillside from my yard. I was too rushed last night to take any.  We are all safe and as of this morning the Canyon Cottage still stands. Thank God.  Dogs are at the spa for a couple days until they let us back in.


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