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I guess in this case it would be taking fingers to keyboard.  I am having a difficult time with this, but in a short 15 days I will be flying to Taos, New Mexico for a writing retreat.  But, I haven’t been writing.  When I look back on my blogs, my main writing outlet there is nothing.  Not for a long time.

I don’t know why.  I am trying as hard as I may to figure it out.  Is my brain not as creative as it once was? Am I to busy, have I just neglected that focus I used to have.  I think Social Media has spoiled it a bit for us bloggers. I have 5 blogs, many of them not updated or active for years.  Now with Social media you don’t have to wait for someone to update their blog to know whats going on, you just look their Facebook or Instagram, or twitter feed. It used to be that our blogs were our social media.

Ok now that I have something to blame it on maybe I can get past it and blog more.

Its the 4th of July.  I am staying inside cool and going to BBQ later.  Its not one of the holidays I enjoy.  I appreciate the reason, but the fireworks are awful. The animals are frightened and the fire danger is high.  After 4 years of drought I think that they should have been banned throughout the state of California.

But where ever you are and however you celebrate be safe and remember to be kind to those who do not enjoy the BOOMS!

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Week 3

Well today I start week 3 of WW. So far so good.  I hope this is sustainable, as I am hungry alot.  I have to admit I truly believe that my weight gain is a direct result of the new foodie meets technology trend.  Some of my favorite blogs to read are food blogs, and I lurk all the time.  I even wrote one for a while.  That was the start of the problem,  10 pounds.  Not only do I have to stick to my diet, but I have to lay off the food blogs too.  I have a whole category on my favorites called food.  Eating out has become one of my favorite things to do, I think I need to find another favorite thing.

I have been really good about logging everything I am eating.  I think that is helping.

I am treating myself to a weekend away in the Desert. Gonna spend a couple nights here at a yoga retreat.  I am looking forward to the relaxation, and getting away, which I hardly ever do. J will hold the fort down and take care of the animals for me.

It’s a typical Monday.


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Planted a Garden

Since last years container gardening trial was a complete failure I took a plot at a local community garden, and wohoo! Look what I have been picking!

Garden explosion!

I have been picking zuchini, cucumbers, green pepper, and eggplants all summer the tomatoes just started to get good in the last couple weeks.

This mornings tomato harvest!

I also have been reading, knitting, taking my Yoga Teacher Training. Daisy has had some severe health issues including tail amputation and cancer, so its been stressful and expensive. I missed you all.  Hope to be here a lot more often, now that this 4 month long silence has been broken.  I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging this October.  maybe I should do something special.

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This is not my Tri-Tip I borrowed this picture from Google images

Now that I am eating meat once again I have been craving making a tri-tip on the grill, so yesterday I did just that. It came out just right.  When I was married, I never manned the grill. I did all the other stuff and the ex handled all of the grilling. Well now that I have been on my own for over 2 1/2 years I have finally mastered the art of the BBQ.  Tri-tip, 15 minutes a pound, indirect heat for med-rare.  I also made a yummy potato salad. I have a cookbook called Homeland Recipes, and they are recipes from all over the mid western sates.  Iowa has a wonderful recipe for potatosalad.  So today we make french dip sammies with the leftover tri-tip.  I am getting hungry thinking about all this

It was a low key fourth, D came over and we played scrabble and BBQ’d.  Had a few beers and went outside to see if we could get a visual of any of the fireworks over the valley.  We saw lots of shows, but they are so far away it really isn’t very spectacular. That’s ok, there were enough boom-booms to keep the dogs a little nervous. 

Tomorrow I am going to attempt ribs on the grill. I have never done them. I am thinking of a couple hours in the oven very low, then finishing them off on the grill with a little sauce.  I went to the farmers market today and got some yummy corn on the cob and green beans. Should be good. I figured out that Jake will eat green beans if I cook them with onion and a slice of bacon.  I know they are not as healthy that way, but at least he is eating something green.

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Just Another Post

This is just another post. I have been hiding out I suppose, although I hurt my back on my birthday last week and have been suffering with that, I went to the doc on Monday and she gave me some pain meds and said to stay home from work this week. Well of course that is close to impossible as I had several meetings. So I go into the office in the morning thinking I will leave early to go home and rest and take some meds, and of course it is almost impossible to leave, because of constant demands. I suppose I should have just said screw it and stayed home. But it’s a bad week to be home without anything to do.

I watched the movie Fast Food Nation on Sunday night. Bad move on my part. It was awful; I will never eat a hamburger again, and will probably never eat beef again. I was a vegetarian for years, when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s. Now I enjoy a nice rib eye and a big juicy burger. Well those days are gone. I am not going to go into the detail, but if you want to give up meat, watch the movie.

I am going to try and go to the cemetery on Friday; it will be 2 years since Natalie died. She is buried in her plot with her mother, and I have not put a headstone there yet. The problem is that I can only have one. Barbara’s is there and was designed by the kids; it has her picture etched into it. So I don’t want to get rid of it. However I can’t put 2 stones there, so I have 2 choices, add Natalie’s information to the bottom of Barbara’s stone… Or remove that stone and design one for the 2 of them. I would like to get this done; I think it will give me some peace. I wanted Jake and Candice to help me decide, Jake is not into it, and he is away at school. Candice said she would come with me if she wasn’t working, so at least I can get her input. I am inclined to just add to the existing stone, if there is room for her name, thee dates and line that reads “It’s all about the love”.

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This is a bad month for me. To many anniversary, birthdays, memories of sad things. The 16th was Nats birthday. That morning early maybe 2 or 3 am I dreamt about her. She came over and when she walked in the door I announced Nats here and went to her and gave her a big hug. The time before when I dreamt about her I woke myself up because I was scared. In my dream the phone was ringing, and as usual I let the answer machine pick up to screen. It was Natalie, she started to talk, and I started to panic. I woke myself up before I could pick up the phone. I was afraid to speak to her.

So for her birthday I made her favorite dish, Chicken Paprika. She loved it and I hardly ever made it because the ex was lactose intolerant and it needs sour cream. So I did it for her birthday and scooped out some for him before I added the sour cream. So I made it Wednesday with lots of sour cream and noodles. It was good. and the cooking was more healing than sad.

Candice and I finally spoke, she is coming over tonight so we can talk. She wants me to make up with Billy but I am not sure that I want to do any more than say I am sorry. I still think all those thing I said, I just wont say them any more.

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I just want all of you to know, that knowing you are there is a tremendous help. A relief, seeing those comments helps me to realize that I’ not alone, and I am normal.

This are busy now that Jake is home, and oh how nice it is to have him home. I have been more motivated in the last 2 days since he arrived, than in the last 2 months!

I’ve been making him home cooked meals, I hit the Farmers market with Candice and a couple other people on Saturday morning. That was fun, everyone was doing their Thanksgiving produce shopping, and yesterday I even went to the nursery, a project I have been putting off for months, to pick up some plants for a large planter in the front of the house. I was tired last night after buzzing around all day.

Today Candice is having her annual pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving. For the last few years, probably 4, she has had a party the day before thanksgiving at her little place. Usually about 20 people, a pot luck. But it is fun and cozy. This year she decided to switch the day since everyone is to hung over Thanksgiving morning (LOL) and some of her friends are going away for the holiday. This is much better, late afternoon today. So there won’t be the after party down at the local watering hole.

Looks like I will be having 17 for Thanksgiving. Thats soo cool. The last years I see my family fall apart, yet somehow I created a bigger one.

I hope the blues don’t hit when Jake goes back to school. I think I am just lonely half the time.

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This is a picture of the trellis in the backyard. I almost lost it during a big wind when a tree limb broke off onto it. The limb cost me $400 to cut off and remove, the trellis leans a little now, but was saved.

This weekend I have been fairly lazy. After last weekends busyness I supposed I earned it, but I still feel sorta guilty. I did my running around, my errands, even went to the farmers market. But both yesterday and this afternoon I took naps, nice long naps. I think it the oppressive heat outside, its humid, and I have no energy.

I’m bored, lonely, bordering on depression probably, but everyone left at the same time. Candice will be back next week, hopefully she will make time to see me. The boys won’t be back until about the 30th, that’s is a ways off.

I made my favorite summer salad last night. Tomaotes, curly peppers, red onion, cucumber, lemon and salt and thats all. I like to make it with all the ingredients fresh from the Farmers market. It was delicious and I at the rest for lunch today with half a turkey sandwich.

The vendor I buy everything but the tomatoes and the lemon from is only there from May to October or so. He is so nice a big Hispanic guy who makes big bowls of the salad while you stand there and puts it out with toothpicks for everyone to try. He makes a great business selling his produce. I buy my tomatoes from someone else, I like either beefsteaks or heirlooms. It’s so nice to go there, to taste the freshness, peaches, nectarines, plums, it really is the highlight of my weekend. I also bought some late season sweet corn, lettuce, potatoes and some squash.
I had to go to Trader Joes to get the lemons since they are out of season.

The batteries in my camera died last week when I was trying to take a picture for this post. So no pictures of the new furniture in my little cottage until later. I like calling it a cottage Y! It totally fits, thanks!

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Flying Solo

Yesterday I was home, day off, cleaning lady was coming and I didn’t want to be here while she worked. So I decided to do something I never do, I went out to breakfast by myself. I went to a little place in town and sat outside, it was early so the air was still cool, brought my LA times, and settled in. There were a few other solo breakfast waters at tables, mostly guys. I ordered 2 poached eggs and bacon, decaf coffee. It wasn’ so bad, I enjoyed the cool air the food was fine, and had 3 cups of java before I realized I still had several more hours to kill.

I decided to get my car washed, by then it was about 10:30 and the mall was open so that was my next stop. Daringly I went right to the Theatre-plex and decided a movie would be fun. I had wanted to see Ratatouille, and it was starting in 5 minutes perfect,well almost. Until SOLD OUT began flashing instead of the showtime, and several screaming children behind me were very disappointed. Ah, a sign, I need to see something rated R. No kids, quiet theatre. Knocked Up was starting so I got my ticket and hurried into the quiet theatre with no more that 10 adults. The movie was light, funny, and what I needed, no serious stuff. Afterwards I hit Nordstroms for a couple T’s and went home to a clean house.

I’t felt good to at last not be afraid to be alone and do things alone. I have never been to a movie or eaten alone, excpet when I have traveled on business. Even then I get room service 99% of the time.

If you have not read my Food Blog, you need to get your fannies over there and start. I am hoping to have a byline on this site soon. The approached me:

…I would like to suggest is that we collaborate on the reposting of your reviews about Pasadena restaurants. We are very tightly focused, geographically, and cannot carry articles on restaurants OUTSIDE Pasadena. But those that are in Pasadena we’d love to cover, running your byline and link to your blog. Does this interest you?

Hell ya!

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The Weekend

Well for once I have had a semi-productive weekend. Friday I took advantage of the sale at Osh, and avoided the weekend crowds. Came home with 5 medium large pots. And 5 bags of wood chips. The pots are for the patio, I want to container garden and put some flowering and pretty green plants on the patio. Right now I have 2 pretty large ficus trees, and thought some additional color would be nice. The wood chips are to spread under a trellis that I have in the back yard. There is a dirt area that I want to put tow more Adirondack chairs on and it gets quite dusty, so the chips should make it look nicer while keeping the dust down at bit.

Yesterday I went to the farmers market and took Daisy and Roscoe into the groomers for baths! Sprocket will go next weekend, he gets a cut too. Then I decided to finish unpacking the last room. It only took a couple hours to either put away or throw away the last of the “stuff”. I still have to put together on of my claw foot tables, need some screws, and hand a couple more pictures. Other than that its done. The only problem is that it is now a room with no use. So far my treadmill and a bookcase and a small chest are in there, but it has no function.

I want to turn it into a TV room, but that means getting the direct TV people out here to move the box, and to also get something to sit on in there. I am thinking the multi functional futon would be a good idea. So I have a place for any potential guests to sleep, and a couple of comfy chairs. That still leave my treadmill in the middle of it all, but oh well. THats the next step.

Today Jake is having a bunch of his friends over for a late birthday celebration. I got to get to the market to pick up snacks and sodas, I will be taking them all out for a Chinese feast later in the afternoon. We will go to a very traditional chinese rsturant in the heart of a nearby heavily Asian community. The place is a hole inthe wall but has great food, and thankfully prints there menu in english and chinese. My favorite is Soup DUmplings. yum.

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