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Project status and Boobs

Ok, so I thought I would give you a quick update on the project status after 1 and a half days.  Yesterday all furniture that was leaving the office left, this included 3 bookcases full of books and a desk.  Two of these bookcases are now in my laundry room completely in the way awaiting either a goodwill pick up or a friend who said she might want them.  I also cleaned the floors and base boards, went and bought all paint supplies and brought back 19 paint swatches which I promptly taped to the wall. 

Today I worked, then went to buy paint,  the color is (drumroll please) Celtic Linen. Yea well I wanted something soft and muted.  This house is so frigging bright with color, I really don’t like it.  A RED kitchen, bright yellow bedroom, blue bathroom. Should I go on, it gets worse!  So something soft and quiet that doesn’t scream at you when you walk into the room suits me fine. I also taped the room and patched the nail holes and draped the remainder of the furniture in the room. Do I need to do anything with the floor?  I guess not drip or spill would be good.   So tomorrow morning I paint, wish me luck.  I have never painted before, so I am a bit nervous.

So now for the boob thing. Well as I have been whining about for some time I have gained weight.  About 25 pounds in the last 8 years.  I have been in a bit of denial about the boob size and bought a couple bras a little bigger, but never got measured, because gawd I could not be any bigger than a little bigger.   So Saturday I am looking for something to wear to this event that I have to go to.  I shop and shop, nothing is fitting properly, and I am frustrated. So as I have been told by Candice, you need to get a bra that fits right, she tells me this alot, she says everything will look better, she says things will fit better, I wonder, maybe she is right.  So I went to my favorite Department store into the bra department, is that a department?  A said I need help.

So this wonderful, young, girl comes to my rescue. I have no idea how she knows so much about old lady boobs at her age, how to measure them, and fit them and find the perfect bra just by looking at you, but she did.  Although she brought me about 30 different bras to try after she determined my size.  By the way, I am appalled at my size and refuse to say it here in public.  The around size she said was smaller, 34 versus the 36 I wear. I told her, no way hun, I cant breathe if you put that on me!  She agreed but she won in the cup size, which feels like a hat size compared to what I was 25 pounds ago.  But I must admit it looks better, and as soon as I had my new perky large boobies I found something perfect for the event.  so now not only do I have a new out fit 3 new (expensive) bras, but large boobs to boot. How about that for a shopping trip!



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Home Sweet Home

Well, I have never felt so happy to be in my own home once again. In fact, so much so that I hardly noticed that the garage across the street on the new house (which they just finished enclosing) now completely blocks my city lights view from the living room.  Oh well, at least I have a home.

It was pretty amazing the neighbors rallying together to help one another, the firefighters keeping us safe.  Alot of stress. I hit the wall yesterday.  Exhaustion.    

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Well last night I thought the Canyon Cottage was no more.   On Saturday a mandoatory evacuation of my home was in place. I and a few of my neighbors elected to stay, hoping that the fire would not get worse.  Yesterday afternoon it was looking good, however by 12:00 midnight it was clear we were in eminent danger and left. 

The picture is from Saturday night, looking at the hillside from my yard. I was too rushed last night to take any.  We are all safe and as of this morning the Canyon Cottage still stands. Thank God.  Dogs are at the spa for a couple days until they let us back in.


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Mom now Sprock wants to come out!

I stayed busy today, on my day off.  I made a list last night of all the errands I needed to do and did them all, plus had lunch with C and got a pedicure.  Tomorrow I need to do the around the house list. I am going to plant some more nastrusiums,  fertilize the lawn, get the pots on the patio ready for planting, and various other stuff.  Today it was close to 80 and tomorrow it will be even warmer. 

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Daylight Savings

I really owe the blog a post. Work hads been crazy busy the last 2 weeks and I have been letting it get to me.

I started WW (weight Watchers) 2 weeks ago. And so far I have been doing ok. Lost a total of 5 pounds. So only 15 more to go. I really should be shooting for a total of 30 pounds instead of 20, but I have come to the decision that It is too much work to be and stay that thin. If I can get down 20 pounds I will be quite content.

Roscoe started acting very weird last night. I am not quite sure what it is, he is still in the same place this morning. Ate his meals but is refusing to take treats. Which it really odd since he loves his treats.

I really hate daylight savings time. I don’t like it to be light until 8 or 9 in the evening. I like winter time and all the things that go along with it, rain, cold, blustery days and early evenings. Daisy will be happy since now it will be light enough to walk her in the evening after work. She is the only one happy about the upcoming summer.

So I have realized after living here one year today. That I need to watch my budget much closer. I have had to dip into my meager savings two times this year to make ends meet. On was at Christmas, which was my own fault and now this next time is this time of year with taxes, house insurance and other various once a year bills come due. I need to make a budget and stick to it.

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A Noble Tree

Well although the cold turned into a cough I managed to get a tree and “almost” finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. Friday I left the house early to hit the Mall. By the time I left at noon, there was no parking to be found.

I was lucky. I went home with some Udon soup from Whole Foods, and took a nap.

Saturday Candice came over and we went ot buy a tree. All trees and tree stands were sold out at our first stop, out second stop priced the trees as you asked, slimey as far as I was concerned. So we scored a Noble Fir at the third place. I wasn’t going to buy a noble, but this one called out to both of us. It was the tree. the first tree in the new house.

Here it is. Oh, and Sprocket too.

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Notice the little face in the window? I took a photo of the front of the house with a wreath on it to put in my Christmas letter, and noticed that Roscoe wanted to be part of it.

Today I drug out all the Christmas boxes. I am having a hard time finding my Christmas dishes. I have a set of plates and a couple serving platters that are snowflakes I like to use during the season. I packed them during the move, and now I can’t find them. I am bummmed cuz I have table cloths to match, and candle holders too. Maybe it was not meant to be. I bought them specifically because they were not to Christmasy, they were blue and white, the ex was Jewish, so it was nice not too have Santa’s and stuff. Gee. I hope I can find them.

Got a bunch of shopping done too. Have a couple more on-line purchases and then a few things to pick up and then I have to shop for D and I will be done. He is very hard to buy for, he doesn’t want anything, doesn’t need anything.

So I am going to go work on my Christmas letter and hope I don’t get to depressed writing. it.

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