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Checking in

Yes, I am still here. I realized it has been months since my last post. I have let the busy-ness of life take over everything.  I now have the responsibility of the Library in addition to the IT dept.,  and I am teaching yoga.

Trying to figure out what I want to do with all this, what I want. I am spending so much time but I am not gaining much clarity.  K wants me to continue teaching yoga after April. I committed to teach until then.  I don’t think I want to continue, but realize I probably should.

Daisy had another cancer surgery, fortunately all the pathology was good. No aggressive cancers. Just hemangiomas.

I found a lump under my arm, I have had all the diagnostic tests, ultrasound and mammogram.  I have a surgery consult on Friday.

We will see.



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40 Days

It’s been a while. I have been terribly busy, I suppose that I could have made time to blog. But lately it doesn’t seem like its been a priority.

On Sept 27 I decided to do a 40 day sadhana. In yoga they say it takes 40 days to create or change a habit.  I desperately needed to develop a relationship with my personal practice, I am almost done with a 500 hour yoga therapy course and have yet to actually have a good relationship with my practice. In yoga they also say you need a relationship with your teacher and your practice and yourself. In any case on November 6 I did what I set out to do. Yoga every single day.  Now my definition was either a practice at home or at a class, a meeting with my teachers, or teaching a class.

What I found was that after the 40th day I continued to either practice or walk on the days I didn’t do a yoga practice.  It worked.  So well that now I have decided to do another sadhana, adding on to my existing new practice.  I am journaling everything I put in my mouth. If I want to lose weight, I need to be conscience of what I am eating and drinking.  I started that on November 13, and will finish n December 23.

So continuing with a personal practice and exercise, and adding on the food component.  Abhyasa and Vairagya : effort and detachment. Adding something new, before taking away something.  Lets see if this works.

In other non yoga news, I think I will be taking off some time over the holidays.  Thanksgiving is already next week, and I really want to clean the house and clean out some closets before the Holiday.  I feel the need to purge.  Also get the front patio set up nicely with some potted plants now that I have the fence and some privacy!

I also need to paint that wall as the contractor had to use cement for the posts and it doesn’t  look quite right.  But it is wonderful that everyone who walks by cant look in the front windows. Also the dogs are so much quieter because they can’t see every dog in the morning and evening that is going for a walk!

I guess the best thing for me to do is to make a list of everything I want to do next week!  Oh and by the way I teach my first yoga class at a real studio tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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Planted a Garden

Since last years container gardening trial was a complete failure I took a plot at a local community garden, and wohoo! Look what I have been picking!

Garden explosion!

I have been picking zuchini, cucumbers, green pepper, and eggplants all summer the tomatoes just started to get good in the last couple weeks.

This mornings tomato harvest!

I also have been reading, knitting, taking my Yoga Teacher Training. Daisy has had some severe health issues including tail amputation and cancer, so its been stressful and expensive. I missed you all.  Hope to be here a lot more often, now that this 4 month long silence has been broken.  I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging this October.  maybe I should do something special.

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Cross your fingers

Well he is home.  Arrived with not a single piece of clean clothing!  That was amazing!  I didn’t ask if what he was wearing was clean that morning, I didn’t want to know!  We did lots of laundry and hung out, its back to the two of us for a couple months now. Nice.  I have goals and projects for him this summer, I hope he can accomplish some of them.  One is getting his drivers license, taking a class, getting a job.  Cross your fingers.

I have decided I like my job, I like my staff, I like many of the people here. I just hate and have no respect for my boss and some of the other executive staff (of which I am one).  There fore I am trying to be more positive, I guess.  So if I do my job, and quit trying to aspire to more, then I should be ok. 

Motivation.  I have a problem with it. Not sure how to get it going.  There are so many things I want to do, but for some reason I can’t get it going.  Things around the house, personal goals, like losing 20 pounds, routine things like getting my butt out of bed earlier on the weekends and going for a walk, Any suggestions? 

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Deck the Halls

It is inevitable that this time of year the pressure begins. In the short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas so much needs to be done. This year I am going to try and not wait until the last minute for much of it. My Holiday Newsletter and Christmas cards will get written and sent by December 9th (I hope), the tree will go up the following weekend (fingers crossed), and any shopping other than on-line will be accomplished also by 12/9 (yea right). I want to enjoy the time around Christmas and not be running around.

I’m pretty good about this if I write lists, then cross things off the lists. perhaps I can accomplish the impossible by the use of a simple list.

Next year I decided that presents should be given as good deeds done for others instead of materialist items. The kids were OK with it, they are old enough and compassionate enough after everything we have gone through to realize how much that type of giving means. I thought that a whole years notice on the changeover would be fair, since all these good deeds have to be done during the year to be given on Christmas.

To me all the commercialism during the holidays is such a turn off. Give me a pretty tree, a Christmas classic on TV or some carols, a drive though the neighborhood to look at lights, or baking some cookies any day over a bounty of presents under the tree.

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I am thinking about doing this. It starts on Monday and it is from 6-7 Monday-Friday for 4 weeks. The program is actually 6 weeks, but I am signing up late. Actually I think I can stomach 4 weeks to start with, if it works and I like it I will do 6 more weeks maybe. I am kind of nervous; I haven’t committed to do anything like this for a long time, at least by choice. I think it will be good for me. Perhaps I will lose some weight, god knows I need to do that, and gain a little self esteem, and actually feel better once the soreness wears off, if it ever does.

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Another Weekend

So its Friday. Candice got back last week and she came over with her bf for dinner on Wednesday. It was good to see her, she had a fun time and got to experience both southern hospitality and the racism that is still rampant in areas of the US.

Today the Direct TV person is moving my receiver to my new den. Yes folks no more TV in the living room, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I feel the living room/dinning room (mine is a combo)is for social interaction, and family time. If someone puts on the TV that ends quickly. If you want to watch TV, go to the den so everyone does not have to watch with you.

This stems from a variety of things. I hate watching the shows the kids used to watch, I would prefer quiet, and at the old house this is the way I set things up, but the house was huge and the den had built in everything for the TV and other components.

Here I have a spare bedroom that works as a small den. One whole wall is built in shelves which will be great for a flat panel once I get around to buying one (months from now I am sure).

I fit a love seat and 2 chairs in it, perfect for TV viewing. So the last thing to do was to have the TV moved. Well since that part of the house is built on a slab it has become a big project to get the cables for the Direct TV run there. He was under the house, now on the roof. Its gonna happen its just taking hours. Once the TV is installed I will set up the rest of the room. Have a couple of hours of stuff to do, then hang some pictures on the wall. Tonight I will be watching TV in that room. Not to mention it is on the NW corner of the house and is the coolest room in the summer time.

I am taking Daisy to a trainer this afternoon. She has issues when going for walks and seeing other dogs. So i am going to see what I can do to work on it. I think the main problem is Roscoe. He goes crazy then Daisy follows suite. We have pretty much confirmed this as yesterday walking Daisy with out Roscoe and things were much better.

This last week at work was really hell. My boss is a complete asshole. It is amazing what a thoughtless, lazy, jerk he is.

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