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9 years ago


2006 was not a good year for me.  All kinds of bad things happened.  In the first week of January my husband left me for another woman.  Then Natalie was hospitalized in chronic rejection and infection of her new lungs.  She died on Feb 1.  It was a rough time at work, but to top it off on Labor day I broke up a scuffle with puppy Daisy, she was a bout a year old, and Sprocket. I was bit by Sprocket, accident.  The bone was nicked, and I ended up with a bone infection, in the hospital for 10 days then 3 months of intravenous antibiotics.  Needless to say I was glad when that year was over.

Fast forward to today.  Its Super Bowl Sunday,  I never watch. I had coffee with Dianne and then ran a few errands and paid bills.  I thought I needed to write, to just remember to be grateful today for what I think will be a good year. I have a retreat planned in July, and hope to do the leaf peeping tour of Vermont in October.  I have learned to let go of things I can’t control, sort of.

And last year which was a good year.  Work was ok, we took a nice trip to the San Juan Islands in Washington, I traveled to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains several times to visit an old friend.  I taught chair yoga to cancer patients, and continued my yoga and ayurveda studies.

But time goes by so fast. Daisy is getting older, she is 10 now, Roscoe is also showing his age at 13, and I too am getting older even though I really don’t feel older.

So I look forward to this year, I have learned that it can always be worse.


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Today is Monday

So I had my surgery, and today they took the cast off. I now have 2 metal pins protruding from the tip of my finger. Really Gross. Candice took me to the docs, and told me not to look at my finger, becuase it was too gross, so I didn’t. But I managed to see the metal out of the corner of my eye.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It really grosses me out. I thought I might try to talk about something else for a change. Although for the lasr few weeks I have done nothing. Felt sorry for myself, no writing, nothing around the house, just watched TV and slept. I didn’t feel like doing anything else, but I feel as if I should have been doing things. But nothing.

Sprocket was sick again today. This time bloody diareah. I got him to the vet, and $450 later it is probably an ulcer frpom all the pain meds he is on for his arthritis. Thank god. I was worried it would be some horrible cancer or something!

So he is on a bland diet. And some different meds

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more drama

Ok, so here is the new scoop on my hand. Yesterday was my follow up appointment. Stitches out, life back to semi normal hopefully; poked it with a needle lots of pus and fluids come out, which later made it actually feel better.

Of course nothing goes as planned! The doc looks at my finger, calls in the hand guy (whom he has been consulting with all along). Don’t like the look of it, more surgery tomorrow, plan on staying in the hospital at least until Thursday.

So ok; I call Candice, make arrangements for the dogs, house work etc. You know the whole thing. I get dropped off this morning at 830 am for a 5 or later surgery, supposed to get IV antibiotics. the doc looks at it this morning, wow, it looks better. I agree and remind him there is still considerable pain, but it has improved since he drained the wound again. He says lets get the hand guy to look at it maybe you don’t need surgery. But the hand guy is in surgery. So I wait, they decide no surgery, come back tomorrow for an appointment with the hand guy, who I ad actually been seeing every time I went in, just not formally. He will decide if I need surgery, and if I do he will do it on Thursday.

So this has been an ordeal, 2 weeks ago today is when it all started. Sprocket seems to be ok with all this. what a dog.

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I watched the Family Stone last night. I had seen it with asshole when it first came out. But last night I bawled. I needed too. Its a good movie, and I just love the characters. The deaf gay son, the snarky young daughter, the loser son, and the overachiver,they are all great. And Diane Keaton is of course great. She is one of my favorites.

As you can see I did not fly off to meet the vacationers. No room at the Inn, which in a way was good as it would have been a huge hassle doing everything so last minute. Abscence mades the heart grow stonger in my case.

I am off to some friends for a swim and early dinner. They are having a few people over. I made a gorgeous tomato salad with buffalo mozzerella and basil. I am also bringing to wine. I hope people like it.

I had another disaster with Sprocket! I wanted to get him groomed yesterday, so I thought I would give him some ACE (tranquilizer) so that the groomer could get the job done more easily. Sprock is a little hellion, and does not like his face or legs brushed! I also wanted him trimmed. He is a Carin Terrier and really needs some grooming, not my version, I scissor trim him while he is alseep, and if he wakes up. Oh well, he looks like a bad hair day! Anyhow, he really had a reaction to the tranq. The groomer called me and said he fell over in the tub, was completely out of it, and thought I better come and take him to the vet. So off we went to the vet. Fortunatly he is going to be fine, but 24 hours later is still wobbley and snoring. I did not over dose him, it was probably a reaction from the other meds he is on for his arthritis. The vet tech called last night to check in to see how he was. Sleeping off his “good buzz”. I was a mess. Thank God he is ok.

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Poor Sprocket

This morning Sprocket wasn’t himslef. Was pacing the bedroom, would not eat his breakfast, and basically fell over while he was walking. I went into panic mode. I think it was because of the nightmare I had last night. Anyhow called and took him right to the vet. $420 later, it seems he has really bad arthritis. The disks in is back are compressed and he has bone spurs all up and down his back. So he ws just in alot of pain. We are however still waiting for the blood and urine panels to come back. More pain meds, he is already on one daily for is arthritis, metacam. Now a new one. I just feel bad for my little old man.

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