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I realize I have been blogging a long time.  Many of us have, and many of us have let our blogs go, so to speak. Not posting frequently, or at all.  Many of us have turned to Social Media I think, instead.  But its not the same as actually writing a blog post.  Chronicling the day, the week, our life.

I used to read a blog called Old Grey Poet almost every day,  John Bailey wrote daily, his blog turned into Journal of a Writing Man and now I see he hasn’t updated for 2 years.  I am hoping he is still with us, he is still living in England.  I love the simplicity of his daily routine, his stories of Graham fixing up yet another house.  Does anyone know of him and if he is still with us?

Sometimes I look back on my blog to remember what happened, sort out details, hoping I can find them in my words.  Most times I can’t.

I am realizing I have not written a post since Taos, and that is pretty sad.  I went to a writing retreat to get energized to write, but I am finding no energy where I am here in my place in time.  Its work, and stress, and lack of motivation that stems from all of that.  I almost feel like in order to write I have to remove myself from the day-to-day and escape.

Today is hot, hoping the last day of what has been one of the hottest weeks this summer.  I melt in the heat, and have been hiding out in the air conditioning, lazy even inside.  It was a long week last week, a Council meeting that ended at 10:30 making for a 15+ hour day at work.  The weather is supposed to cool this week into the 80’s. Maybe this will be the end of the heat.

Daisy turned 10 on the 9th, and in a couple weeks another summer will have ended. I need to keep my story going.


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Fall, autumn, whatever you call it is my most favorite time of the year. The weather starts to change, the leaves start to fall, the evenings warrant a blanket, or a sweatshirt. In Tahoe I loved them even more. Brisk, windy, colors, frost, the smell of the fireplace. But I no longer live there, so I will have to learn to love southern California Fall. The owls start to hoot in the evening, I love this. At the other house, I could see them because of the view, roosting. When they would hoot, their little butts would push up, and they would lean forward and really get into it. I still have the image in my mind, so the sound is enough. The acorns on the oak trees fall, when the wind blows it sounds like hail on the roof! The big ring neck doves love them, so do the squirrels and the deer. I am fortunate to live in an area where I actually see more wildlife than I did in Tahoe. I wish it would rain.

BTW. I didn’t so the boot camp. I talked t the trainer at length, I was worried about my bad knee which needs TLC in Yoga class. He didn’t recommend it, but thought that a personal trainer 3 times a week could accomplish the same results. So now way right now. I will

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New Lamps for Old

One of my favorite stories when I was growing up was about Aladdin. It wasn’t the traditional story, it was sort of a side note. It was on an old LP and sometimes my mom would put in on the record player for us to listen to as we were falling asleep, sort of a self service bedtime story. I would force myself to stay awake until she came in and flipped it to the other side so that I could hear the whole story and the end, but usually I fell asleep. The narration was superb, and the way the narrator enunciated some of the words was just comical. I do remember one part of the story where the main character wanted to get rid of his “lamp”, in the market place was a vendor calling out “New lamps for old, New lamps for old”.

Yesterday I went and bought a new lamp for my bedroom. It reminded me of this story from my childhood.

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