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This is my windowsill in the kitchen above the sink.  Just thought I would share.  I wanted to wish everyone who still reads this blog a Happy New Year, one of my resolutions is to post more both words and photos.

Last night was quiet, I made a pretty darn good roast chicken for dinner.  D was over and I fell asleep about 10 after a bit too much champagne and wine. I watched the parade on TV this morning in bed, while I drank coffee. TOday I am going to take down all the Christmas stuff.  Thats the goal.

2013 was a year of clarity for me.  I finally came to a huge ah ha moment with my Yoga teaching, and said what I needed to say to K|Y after teaching for her for free for almost a year.  I felt a huge sense of freedom once that relationship ended.  I was being used so much, and I knew it but did nothing.  Finally in October I said what I needed to say, a huge weight was lifted.  Also after C and all her lies, I finally have let that go.  Its her problems, and I no longer have any expectations of her.  She is turning into the kind of person I really don’t like.

When the Doc said I needed a new knee, that was also anther ah ha moment.  I needed to get into shape and lose weight.  So I start the year 10 pounds lighter, with 30 more to go, and my knee is feeling great thanks to a regular Pilates reformer class, and more walking.  I still attend group yoga classes occasionally.

In 2014 I want to:

  • Connect more with Nature
  • Write more
  • Be more creative
  • Get my garden/yard in order
  • Spend less
  • Travel more
  • Find great hikes, and do them!
  • Lose that other 30 pounds



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Long Weekend

Well its the middle of a long weekend. It started with quite a severe rain, thunder, hail storm on Thursday afternoon. It was severe enough to cause the mud to slide on the hills where the fire swept though and to evacuate several homes. Fortunatley there was no structural damage but yards and pools and jacuszzis are now full of mud.  Roads were even closed for a while as they did clean up.  It rained Friday and has been partly cloudy since.  My home is safe.

Friday as I was driving back from Sprockets acupunture appointment in the pouring rain my “check engine” light came on!  I got a bit panicked as the last thing I need right now is a big expense to fix the car.  I was able to get it in on Saturday, and it was the catalytic converter.  Fortunately it was covered under warranty, which I didn’t understand since the car is 5 years old with 61,000 miles on it.  But I didn’t questions it at all, and paid the $110 for the minor service and hapily went home.

I finally got a hold of Jake yesterday, and guess what he is flying home today.  Good thing we spoke, since I need to pick him up from the airport, as I was thinking, since the car is in good shape, about taking a little Sunday drive somewhere for a bit of an adventure.  So now my Sunday Drive is the Burbank airport.  So the teenager is home for the summer. Hopefully this summer he will find a job. 

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Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee

I just realized I had not written since Wednesday.  I suppose I have just been tired from last weeks stress.  Friday I did nothing, actually slept quite a bit, which made it hard to sleep that night.

Friday evening I went out with a girlfriend.  I can’t remember the last time I went out on a Friday night  with a girlfriend!  We went and had Indian food, which was new for me.  Even being such a foodie, I have stayed away from Indian food becuase it is notoriously spicy. I don’t tolerate spice.  But we ordered and everything was delicious.  Very different flavors, lots of mint and other different spices. I will go back and try new things. Afterward we walked around Old Town Pasadena. That is where the restaurant was. It was good for me to get out.  I bought a pink blouse at Banana Republic, on sale of course.

Saturday I did my errands and shopped for my mother.  She is not speaking to me now, so she calls up C to give her a list of groceries that C gives to me, then Mom wants me to leave them in the back porch. She is menatlly ill, wont go  to the doctor, hasn’t for probably over 20 years, and won’t listen to reason, to anyone. So I just make sure she has food in the house. What else can I do?

I also walked in the Relay for Life on Saturday evening, then D and I went and had Chinese food. We were both tired and cold.  It was an early night. I kept the TV on until about 10:30 then fell asleep with the help of a sleeping pill. I needed a good night of sleep. 

It’s noon now I made myself a spinach omelet for breakfast, I think I am going to take Daisy out for a walk.  I wanted to go on an adventure into LA to visit Langers Deli and get a pastrami sandwich. But they are closed on Sunday.  They had a special on the food network last night, the secert life of Pastrami, and talked about Langers.  Made me hungry for pastrami, although I stopped eating beef 3 months ago. LOL! 

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Another Weekend

So its Friday. Candice got back last week and she came over with her bf for dinner on Wednesday. It was good to see her, she had a fun time and got to experience both southern hospitality and the racism that is still rampant in areas of the US.

Today the Direct TV person is moving my receiver to my new den. Yes folks no more TV in the living room, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I feel the living room/dinning room (mine is a combo)is for social interaction, and family time. If someone puts on the TV that ends quickly. If you want to watch TV, go to the den so everyone does not have to watch with you.

This stems from a variety of things. I hate watching the shows the kids used to watch, I would prefer quiet, and at the old house this is the way I set things up, but the house was huge and the den had built in everything for the TV and other components.

Here I have a spare bedroom that works as a small den. One whole wall is built in shelves which will be great for a flat panel once I get around to buying one (months from now I am sure).

I fit a love seat and 2 chairs in it, perfect for TV viewing. So the last thing to do was to have the TV moved. Well since that part of the house is built on a slab it has become a big project to get the cables for the Direct TV run there. He was under the house, now on the roof. Its gonna happen its just taking hours. Once the TV is installed I will set up the rest of the room. Have a couple of hours of stuff to do, then hang some pictures on the wall. Tonight I will be watching TV in that room. Not to mention it is on the NW corner of the house and is the coolest room in the summer time.

I am taking Daisy to a trainer this afternoon. She has issues when going for walks and seeing other dogs. So i am going to see what I can do to work on it. I think the main problem is Roscoe. He goes crazy then Daisy follows suite. We have pretty much confirmed this as yesterday walking Daisy with out Roscoe and things were much better.

This last week at work was really hell. My boss is a complete asshole. It is amazing what a thoughtless, lazy, jerk he is.

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This is a picture of the trellis in the backyard. I almost lost it during a big wind when a tree limb broke off onto it. The limb cost me $400 to cut off and remove, the trellis leans a little now, but was saved.

This weekend I have been fairly lazy. After last weekends busyness I supposed I earned it, but I still feel sorta guilty. I did my running around, my errands, even went to the farmers market. But both yesterday and this afternoon I took naps, nice long naps. I think it the oppressive heat outside, its humid, and I have no energy.

I’m bored, lonely, bordering on depression probably, but everyone left at the same time. Candice will be back next week, hopefully she will make time to see me. The boys won’t be back until about the 30th, that’s is a ways off.

I made my favorite summer salad last night. Tomaotes, curly peppers, red onion, cucumber, lemon and salt and thats all. I like to make it with all the ingredients fresh from the Farmers market. It was delicious and I at the rest for lunch today with half a turkey sandwich.

The vendor I buy everything but the tomatoes and the lemon from is only there from May to October or so. He is so nice a big Hispanic guy who makes big bowls of the salad while you stand there and puts it out with toothpicks for everyone to try. He makes a great business selling his produce. I buy my tomatoes from someone else, I like either beefsteaks or heirlooms. It’s so nice to go there, to taste the freshness, peaches, nectarines, plums, it really is the highlight of my weekend. I also bought some late season sweet corn, lettuce, potatoes and some squash.
I had to go to Trader Joes to get the lemons since they are out of season.

The batteries in my camera died last week when I was trying to take a picture for this post. So no pictures of the new furniture in my little cottage until later. I like calling it a cottage Y! It totally fits, thanks!

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Party on the Bridge

The weather is making me lazy. It has finally got hot. Close to 100 these last couple days with todays forecast in the 90’s. Looks like it might cool down a bit next week.

Tonight I am going here. The Colorado Bridge Street Party. Hopefully it wont be too hot! I have been once years ago.

I goota go pick up my dry cleaning and get my glasses adjusted.

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Yea, its that week again. The week I get weepy, bitchy and hungry. If I could come up with 4 other words I could call it PMS and the seven moods. The weepy started a couple days ago when I started to miss being married. Yea I know I’m crazy. I don’t miss the ex, I miss the companionship, then the bitchy hit today at work with some people are just so lame they should be fired. The hungry has been going on also for a couple days. Usually by the time my period starts most of these symptoms wil lbe gone, but that won’t be until the middle of next week!

So next week I am only working one day, which will be nice. A bit of a vacation. Although I am not going anywhere. Hopefully I will feel like doing stuff, and not just laying around and veging.

This weekend not many plans, tonight sushi with the kids, tomorrow I am taking my car in for service, Saturday a Dodger game and nothing on Sunday. Cuz the bithchiness has arrived I am not looking forward to the game where I will have to deal with the “kid”. Although my kid is going to so I will sandwhich myself between him and D for safety.

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