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December 2004

december 31, 2004

meet ned

The last day of the year.  I suppose I have lots to reflect on. It has been a trying and stressful year. However today I am very happy. Things worked out the way God meant for them.  Nat had her transplant, she is doing well. That was a huge stress on me, and the family.  A weight has been lifted, permanently!

Our house is still under construction, actually the reconstruction hasn’t even started. It makes me very angry, but then I realize how lucky we are to have a home.  So I can be patient and wait for the insurance and contractor and hubby to negotiate.  I will be getting new carpet and tile out of it. So I will just hope it starts soon.

The tragedy in Asia has been very sad. I have been thinking of all those poor people, and their losses. Family, home, lively hood. I pray that God takes care of the survivors, and that our rich country gets of it’s behind and offers more assistance. 

I have to tell you that I am so excited about my new hobby I can hardly stand it!  I would like you to meet Ned Zissou!

december 29, 2004

Oh! two entries in one day!

God I am so lucky. I have some wonderful on-line friends. And all my fish!! They are still with us folks! I also love my two dogs and the cat!  But there are still 12 fish. I thought that for sure at least several would be swimming with the fishes, if you know what I mean, by now!

Ok so here are some photo’s. Just remember that these fish are moving all the time, and I am using natural light, no flash.  

Ok so here are four fish with rock:  And here is blue: Ok so guess what this guy is coming at you!!!   I will post more in the manana!  Adios.  

first and foremost

Last night we had a wild thunderstorm.  Since Southern California weather is pretty boring, this made for an exciting time! Unfortunately it started at midnight, which woke the whole house up.  I had fallen asleep on the couch, and Sprocket was with me and just went crazy!  I had to turn on the tv and the lights to try and disguise the thunder and lighting. It was not easy. Poor little guy. He is partly deaf, and only hears certain sound levels.  I think the light flashes scared him the most though.

Well I have been thoroughly lazy. Monday hubby and I went out to lunch, we had Gyros at a  Greek restaurant. Yum,  then went to see the L1fe Aquatic.  We both really enjoyed the movie, although it was a little dark, and more of a character study.  It is the kind of movie I would buy when it comes out. Then yesterday we went out to breakfast and in the afternoon went o see Meet the F0ckers. Now that was a hoot!  I love the actors that were in the film, and I was rolling!  We took Candice and Jake to that one. They both enjoyed it also.   

Today hubby went to work and I slept in.  We had a bit of a spat about our respective families last night. His niece is coming in from Boston for 1 day on her way to Tahoe, and I made it quite clear I was not interested in seeing her.  He as offended, and wanted to know why I was being so mean about it. History, lots of history there.  Any how,  we agreed to discuss it all later when we were both in better moods. 

My fish are doing well. I still have all 12, have not lost one.  I am glad. I might go get the water tested again today, or I might just go get a testing kit so I don’t have to take it in all the time. Just to make sure the levels are ok and I don’t need to add anything. I am a worry wart. 

december 27, 2004

oh danni’o

Ok, so I was able to buy some fish. The water was ok, the ammonia, and the other chemicals, so I brought home 12 dannio’s. 4 zebra’s, 4 blues and 4 yellow’s. So far there is one blue who has been flirting with a yellow and chasing everyone away from his rock.  I hope they make it, which would mean I have established a decent environment.  They are supposed to be good inexpensive fish to establish an environment with. I hope they live up to their reputation!

december 27, 2004

Ok, so I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas. A camera case, an additional memory card for my camera and this:

Actually, I got the aquarium form hubby and quickly went to the store yesterday and bought everything else. The stand, gravel, filter, heater, etc.  I spent hours yesterday setting up the tank, and finally about 7:00 last night it was done! VIOLA! My own little life aquatic!  I am going to have the water tested today to see when I can start with a few fish.  I have never kept a tank before so this is a learning process. Hubby was very good and stopped his playing of Doom 3 to help me with the filter. It was a bit complicated. 

I am planning on keeping peaceful community fish, no cichlids.  I am looking at starting with some danios and play’s or guppy’s and see how they establish. Then add some loaches, barbs and maybe bala shark, I also like the silver dollar tetra and the neon tetra too.  It is a 48 gallon so I will be able to have a few fish!  

Hubby actually said this is the only animal acquisition that I have had lately that he is in favor of.  Which is good and bad. It means when the bathroom is done I can get another aquarium and he will probably not be against it, but it also means no more rats, and the BIG dog I want is probably out for now. That’s ok, I will be very content underwater for a while!

Hope you had as nice a weekend as I did!  If I get some fishes I will post again!  Hugs to my online friends! 

december 25, 2004

Merry Christmas. I thought I would share the BEFORE and the AFTER.  

december 23, 2004

just us

Ok, so I have been neglecting this for several days.  Yesterday I finally started my Christmas Vacation. No work again until January!  Yesterday I baked 50 pieces of chicken for Jakes Christmas pot luck at school. High school kids don’t want cupcakes with sprinkles, they want real food. Today is their last day of school.  I think the Pasadena schools actually vacation around the Rose parade.  They actually park the floats for 2 days of viewing right around Jakes school, so god forbid they lose the revenue by bring the kids back to school on January 3.  Thus his vacation is 12/24 returning 1/10. It doesn’t work with my schedule, oh well.

Lets see, recap on the last weekend.  We attended an incredible baby shower. It was unique because of the cultural aspect, it was for an Indian couple. It was at an Indian restaurant, and my hubby and I and one other couple were the only non-Indians there. They are such a beautiful people!  All the colorful sari’s, the mother to be was adorned with lots of jewels, and her hands were henna painted. Even their articulation of the English language is beautiful.  The food was vegetarian, and a bit hot for me but delicious. And we played shower games. There was a little alter with the family gods, and incense and flowers. I enjoyed watching all the beautiful women, with the colorful dress, and listening to them speak. I felt like I was in another world. It was a terrible weekend for a baby shower, but since they are Hindu and don’t celebrate Christmas, it was no shopping time off there week.  But I enjoyed it so much, it really didn’t matter.

I wrapped all the kids presents last night. I am going to do hubby’s this morning.  He went into work, I hope he can get off early to help me grocery shop. I am not very good at picking out a Prime Rib. He will talk to the butcher and get the right amount and knows if it should be trimmed, or the ribs should be cut down. We are having appetizers for dinner Christmas eve, then going to the restaurant Candice works at for dessert. Prime rib Christmas day. Since my mom is antisocial, we will probably be just us for dinner. I don’t have a lot of family.  I guess I kind of miss having people over. At most we would have my grandmother and Uncle, and sometimes his partner or a couple of his friends, and Tatjana, who is like a second grandmother to me. 

We had a big falling out with my uncle and Tatjana, the only family I have. The kids told them some lies about hubby and I and of course they believed them. How can you believe angry teenagers who aren’t getting their way? They are mad and being punished, so they run and whine. 

Well my uncle did, and often times would try to undermine our discipline, he said some stuff to hubby and I, and hubby can’t forgive it. So he always goes other places any way, he gets invited lots of places, and even getting him here when grandma as alive was hard. Tatjana is in an assisted living now.  She will probably go to her sons house. I guess the bottom line is since Grandma died, I don’t even try to invite people. 

So I guess it will just be us again this year. 

december 17, 2004

at least it was on sale

I went to the mall to get a baby shower gift and thought that I needed a new outfit for the baby shower, which is tomorrow.  It is for one of hubby’s engineers wife. They are from India and so it should be very interesting. 

Anyhow I tried on about 100 outfits and nothing looked good on me! I swore I was not going to buy size 12 pants.  I used to be a 6-8 now I am a 10-12. I AM FAT!  So I settled for a black and white houndstooth pants (size 12) and a red cashmere sweater. But when I walked out side it was 82 degrees and it is supposed to be hotter tomorrow!  I am a clothing failure, and I am fat.   So I will probably end up wearing something in my closet, at least it ill hopefully be a size 10. 

I also ended up buying some skin care products, and the brand I use, bi0lage, was doing makeovers. So I had my face done, and bought a bunch of new makeup. I felt pretty as I was shopping. Pretty and Fat.  What a combo.

I have to start my wellness party. I am going to go gangbusters after the first of the year. Please I am very PMS, and just wish it would start already. Bloat!

december 16, 2004

9 more days

Ok, so I have been bad. I organized this kris kringle gift exchange with this on-line group I belong to. Rat people, I still stay in touch with lots of them. Anyhow, I need to send mine to Canada and I have not done so yet. Which means tomorrow I am probably going to spend 3 times what the gift is worth to get it there in time for the Gift exchange next week. What a putz I am!

december 14, 2004

something’s fishy

Today was our annual Christmas luncheon here at the office.  It was kind of sad. Many employees did not come because of the layoff, budget cuts and other political posturing that is occurring here.  There was a big turn out from PD, those Cops were the only ones who got a really good raise this year, the rest of us got nothing. I guess they came because they were happy with the way they were able to manipulate the c1ty c0unc1l and get the c1ty mgr.

I need to get back to my diet and exercise. It is really hard during the holidays. I have been eating a lot, there is candy everywhere and al kinds of treats. I am distressed right now about the holidays.  It brings up way to many memories of my sister. She died on Jan 2, her birthday is Dec 9. her children are around me all the time.

I think that I am going to join Yvonne’s wellness party. It sounds like something I need.

Oh, PET ALERT!  I have wanted more pets.  I would love to have rats again, but hubby says no, no to another dog too. So I figured out the perfect compromise. FISH!  Yes, I asked for a 40 gallon aquarium for Christmas, I have been searching for the perfect community of fish.  I found lots of good ides here. And I also have bought a book and am reading up on my new hobby!

I took the menorah down tonight is the last night of Hanukah, and put up a photo pf our gates. I made the wreaths, and hubby and I and Nat’s boyfriend hung the lights. Go check out santa!!

december 9, 2004

Today is my sisters birthday. She would have been 43. I will be 45 in January, we were 1 year and 11 months apart.  I really miss her.  We were very close, as adults.  I would visit her and we were inseparable. Life is not fair.   I raised her children but I don’t have a friend anymore, she is gone now. 

december 7, 2004

Happy Hanukkah! 

There are several spellings, I hope this is one of them! The picture is from last year. Also go check out the cover to the card I made for all my ratty friends. 

I just realized that I have been bloging for 3 years and 2 months. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I really think that it is a good release, a good way to express. I just worry that someone is reading me that I don’t want to read me. Is there any way to find out?   I am mainly concerned about hubby, and his family. Everyone else I know either is not computer savvy enough, or I don’t mind if they read me. One of my old friends from high school found me and reads me. We were so close at one time, it doesn’t bother me at all. I would probably be telling her all this stuff if we had stayed in touch anyway!

Hubby has to go out to dinner with some VP’s so I am going to make baked potatoes for dinner. I will get bacon, broccoli, and cheese sauce  to put on them! Yum. Nat was asking for them. She is way to skinny, so I am trying to make things that sound appetizing for her. She is less than 80 pounds right now.  

I was supposed to go here today. But there is alot of shit going on at work. Stuff I am concerned about writing about here as I don’t know if someone finds it. Gee, doesn’t that just ruin the purpose of this thing. Ok the C1ty Mgr got fired last week, and last night was a c1ty c0unc1l meeting, to determine who is going to be interim. Basically my new boss. I report to the asst City Mgr, so I at least have a buffer form the interim and the new person coming on board, who ever that could be. So I missed seeing the govenator, and his lovely wife, and several other really good speakers. But I also missed the horrible traffic coming home.  A good compromise. So I am updating my journal, and getting ready to split. 

december 3, 2004

some fun stuff here!

I found thins at (a)musings. I hope Chris doesn’t mind that I borrowed it. Too funny! This web site is the result of a man cleaning out his closet then making a project of what he finds check out “The Sweater Guy.”

Ok so this is what I play when I need to unwind. Peeps in Space. 

7 layer dip

Bottom layer, refried beans in the can heated up with cheese and salsa, then sprinkle generously with grated cheese, I do it when the beans are still warm so that the cheese kinda melts. then a layer of sour cream, I mix mine with a little salsa, or you can do a separate layer of salsa and sour cream, then olives, tomatoes and lettuce cut fine. Serve with tortilla chips! Some add a layer of chorizo, or Mexican sausage this would be right after the beans and before the cheese. I use a 9×13 baking dish to build the layers. But any thing will work as long as it has sides on it. 

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