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Is December. Where has this year gone?

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Tired today. I stayed up too late, didn’t get home until 8 since I went to th 6 yoga class.  I need to be going to bed before 10:30.  I will be happy to go home tonight make minute steaks and some veggies for dinner and have a glass of wine and veg out. J is having a rough patch.  I hope he will talk to me about it tonight.

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Well its the end of the month and I almost succeeded in posting daily for NaPoBloMo.  So although I didn’t succeed, in my own way I really did as I have posted more this month than I have for a very long time. I think I will try to keep it up.  It’s not that hard to just check in and post a picture or write a few words, thoughts or muse about what I did or ate that day.

I am back to the office after having last week off. It was nice, I slept in until 8 every day, I walked the dog, shopped and cooked and ate of course.  I can hardly belive the holidays are here. I am totally not ready. I just feel like this holiday has been commercialized so much I hardly even want to think about buying things for people.

Plus C hasn’t made any attempt to contact me since Thanksgiving when she called sick.  I wanted her to come for leftovers on the weekend. I am sure something better came up.

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Table is set!


Pie is done!


Glasses are filled.


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So we had 12 for dinner. C didn’t make it, she was sick. I think she could have come if she really wanted to, but her boyfriend really doesn’t like family stuff. Pity, I hope he doesn’t rub off on her,  although maybe he already has.

I finished the dishes this morning and put the house back to its normal, pre 12 people for sit down dinner state. D is coming over soon, he will help me take the leaves out of the table and move the patio tabs back onto the patio. Today is his birthday, 59.  We will do what we usually do g to Pie and Burger then out to a special dinner next weekend when we can celebrate just the 2 of us.

I am thinking about making my first turkey sandwich. Yum.

Today is beautiful.  It was supposed to rain yesterday, but didn’t. It was cool and cloudy though.





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So today I prepped. Stuffing, cranberries, pie, cake, brined the turkey a first for me.  And I am now pooped.  The pecan pies ifs finishing up in the oven. Tomorrow I finish up.  I should have 12-13 for dinner. I hope C makes it I spoke to her yesterday and she sounded pretty sick.

I am grateful to have what I have a roof over my head obey for food and to take care of myself and my dogs. Which sometimes seems so hard.  I wish for so many things, but most of them are out of my control and I can only make a dent.  So make a dent if thats all you can do.

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Catch up

Ok, so my intention was to post every day this month. I am almost there.  This past weekend was the second to last weekend of my Yoga Therapy training.  I decided to go ahead and continue next year to get my 500 hour YT certification.  I am really enjoying the people the material and the teacher. I am not yet sure what I will do with this, teach yoga perhaps?  I just know I can’t teach any more than a couple of classes  a week with my work schedule.  But that is something I am not thinking or worrying about at his point.

I am home this whole week, so this morning I am having the carpets cleaned. Then I am off to pick up my turkey.  I have made a list for grocery shopping. Probably tomorrow, and also a menu.  C still isn’t sure if she is coming.  I hope she does.

Looks like we are 12, 13 if C shows up.  I doubt her boyfriend D will come. I am planning the usual stuff, with brussell sporuts, cauliflower cheddar mash and pea as vegetables.

I asked D’s side to bring 2 appetizers, a pie and a side vegetable dish last year she forgot the vegetable.  So I am making plenty just in case.

I think I am ring to try and brine the turkey. Never done that before.

Made these last year

If I have some extra time I will do some knitting too.  D’s birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, we always go to pie and burger on his birthday.  Then out the following weekend.  Next year he turns 60.


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