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Well I have been fairly consistent with my gifting. Lots of small things, time, a rhubarb pie, patience, I think more than anything it has made me more conscious of my actions. What I do each day and if it is selfish or selfless. There should be a balance . 

Almost every morning on my way into the office I see an older couple, both with canes walking there 2 small dogs.  They always make me smile.  Together the  of them.  Once I saw them with out the dogs and worried, but the  dogs were back  the next time I saw them.  I hope when I am old, and walking with a cane I will be out and about with my dogs, maybe no partner but surely a dog or two. 

I have been quite sad lately, I know its menopause, so I try to know that it is maybe just a feeling, not necessarily accurate. So I try to allow the sadness to be there but hope it away.  I also try to stay away from things that make me sad and melancholy, not always easy.  Sometimes just seeing a stray dog, or homeless person will bring me to tears and depress me for hours or days.  Please God make it go away. The sad. ok? 

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