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Frank Sumatra

This morning I stopped for coffee in town, like I do every morning on my ay to work. Beantown is a great little place where all the locals congregate in the morning.  There is a table with retirees (I think) crowded around sharing stories. I sometimes envy them, their freedom, there ritual of coffee together each morning, being retired.

This morning one of these retirees was at the bank of coffee pots, there are several flavors. I in particular enjoy the English Toffee, or Chocolate Almond.  This gentleman was pouring cream into his cup, then some powdered chocolate, more cream, then Sumatra.  Quite a process for a cup of coffee. He looked at me quite seriously and said, “Sumatra, like the famous singer, Frank Sumatra!”  “Yes”, I replied.  “you are even preparing your coffee like the song, My Way”.

We had a good laugh. I walked out of Beantown with my Chocolate Almond with some half and half, a smile on my face and the song “My Way” in my head.  A nice way to start a morning.


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